True Shine Entertainment is an international powerhouse of passionate people dedicated to exploring and dynamically creating a brand and formula that strives to elevate music, culture and global awareness.

Since 2001, True Shine has developed into a multimedia powerhouse, branching into all realms of the music and notably developing strengths in artist development, visual arts, event production, editorials, and most recently, fashion. At the core of all its success, True Shine prides itself on staying true to the message of unity, love and the fact that what separates us is less than what brings us all together.

Music has been a great unifier through the decades, and True Shine artists are given the platform to create and inspire a generation away from the sensationalized fluff that is music today, and take us back to a purer, richer and more open era. Our first signed artist: OP-1 is a lyricist first and an emcee second. He is a veteran to the music game, with 5 albums under his belt and a sixth on the way. OP-1 landed the official Trailblazers’ anthem for 2010 and this is just a tip of the iceberg. OP-1′s most current collaboration is with the OG of HipHop, Rakim. To listen to his music, visit his website at

Our newest and most shining star to the True Shine family at the moment is Da Future. He is a nine year old rapping wonder, and he has already received critical acclaim when he performed for Governor Kitzhaber. Da Future is working on his debut EP, and he has 3 tracks laid down already. Between showcasing his talent at the Child Dream Awards, going to school, and working on his own rap verses, Da Future is set to take on the world. He will be performing at CeCe Winans’ concert, so don’t miss it. Visit his website

In 2010, True Shine Ent. launched True Shine Magazine, a quarterly music and lifestyle magazine that showcases talented and passionate people who embody the True Shine message. True Shine is proud to announce that we have received national distribution, so stay tuned for when you can get your copies in stores nationwide.

Our Event Production branch brings you great events, great performers, all for a great price. True Shine is proud to partner annually with Juneteenth Oregon and Sickle Cell Warriors organizations for our community and charity fundraisers. More more info, visit our events page.

Become a star. Find your True Shine!


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