The Studio

True Shine Studios, Portland’s premiere recording studio, exists primarily to take your vision from inception to completion. To learn more about True Shine Studios, visit the official studio website HERE.

Our studio’s core system is Digidesign’s state-of-the-art Pro Tools system. We incorporate all tracks into the SSL Super-analogue Channel/SSL 9000K (the same kind that Dr. Dre uses) to give you a warmer, fresher sound. There is no other studio in the nation, that charges less than $100 an hour and gives you access to the SSL 9000K—except True Shine Studios. And, there is the option to mix your tracks on a huge, customized Digidesign Control 24 board, which usually sounds better than digital (aka “in-the-box”) mixes, due to the “muddy” nature of digital bussing. For monitoring, we use a variety of speakers by Rokit, JBL and Event. Our microphones are a solid selection of condenser and tube mics, which includes most of the brand names every experienced engineer requests, like Neumann, Sennheiser, Shure, Blue Microphones etc. Our extensive beat library is a producer’s treasure chest and can accommodate any style and arrangement.

• Quad-core PC w/SSL Super-analogue Channel/SSL 9000K (more on this later)

• Pro Tools(LE & M-Powered) w/Production Toolkit: Pro Tools® is the most popular sound creation and production system in the world. Featuring professional hardware and award-winning software that work together with your computer, Pro Tools lets you easily accomplish everything from composing music and recording to editing and mixing sound for broadcast and post production — all within a single environment. Learn more HERE

• JBL LSR4328P Studio Monitors: These monitors are designed for critical stereo and multichannel audio production applications that require exceptionally high grade acoustics. Learn more HERE.


• Spacious Custom Designed Vocal Booth: Big enough for a drum set, bass guitarist and singer all jamming together
• Wet Bar/Lounge: stocked with drinks, soda and water. Xbox360 with a huge 72 inch flatscreen TV.
• Production Center & Control Room

To learn more about True Shine Studios, visit the official studio website HERE.

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