Classes are open to youth and adults of interested in learning about any element of the music production industry. Note: All classes have a 4 student limit, as we offer personalized attention to our students. Our class instructor, Isaac, has several years of tutoring students of all ages in the … Continue reading


Why Do You Need Mastering? The least understood part of the recording chain is the mastering process. It is a process that is much easier to demonstrate then it is to describe, however, it is essential to the final presentation of the audio in question. Mastering is “The art of … Continue reading


The word “mixing” means two different things in the context of audio recording:  Adjusting the fader levels, balance, equalization, etc. so that the live sound is properly recorded in the first place and the art of turning the live sound you recorded into a finished, polished masterpiece that’s ready to … Continue reading


To attain optimum sound quality requires quality equipment, knowledgeable workmanship, and attention to detail. True Shine Studios has a great compliment of microphones, outboard/plug-in processing, a superior Solid-State Logic Superanalogue 9000K channel. This unit offers a SSL mic-pre, EQ unit and compressor, based on the actual circuitry of the SSL … Continue reading