Why Do You Need Mastering? The least understood part of the recording chain is the mastering process. It is a process that is much easier to demonstrate then it is to describe, however, it is essential to the final presentation of the audio in question. Mastering is “The art of … Continue reading


The word “mixing” means two different things in the context of audio recording:  Adjusting the fader levels, balance, equalization, etc. so that the live sound is properly recorded in the first place and the art of turning the live sound you recorded into a finished, polished masterpiece that’s ready to … Continue reading


To attain optimum sound quality requires quality equipment, knowledgeable workmanship, and attention to detail. True Shine Studios has a great compliment of microphones, outboard/plug-in processing, a superior Solid-State Logic Superanalogue 9000K channel. This unit offers a SSL mic-pre, EQ unit and compressor, based on the actual circuitry of the SSL … Continue reading

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True Shine Entertainment, Portland’s premiere entertainment powerhouse. Events, productions music, studio, artists, clothing line, fashion, magazine….True Shine Entertainment. Music production, record label, artist development, branding, video shoots, music recording, album sales, online retail, graphic design, recording deals, indie, hip hop, r&b, music, culture, urban, community development…. < ?php slidedeck( 160, … Continue reading