The word “mixing” means two different things in the context of audio recording:  Adjusting the fader levels, balance, equalization, etc. so that the live sound is properly recorded in the first place and the art of turning the live sound you recorded into a finished, polished masterpiece that’s ready to listen to.

“As a Mix Engineer, I like to find a sound for each album that works with the artists vision, then try to kick that up several notches with the use of compression, EQ and effects to make it competitive with what’s being played in the music industry right now. I also try to keep or create dynamics that allow the song to build”~ Raz, Production Engineer, True Shine Studios. Click HERE to read more about Mixing.

True Shine Studios can accommodate ALL digital mixing needs. Our engineers have mixed albums from other studios, old tapes, even from MP3’s online (although you should avoid mp3’s if you can as they are inferior sound quality).

Please be ready to provide us with the following info before we begin mixing:

-Total Song Count, -Total Length, -Bit depth and Sample rates (16 or 24 bit/44.1, 48, 88.2, or 96khz), -tracks count, -file type(WAV, AIFF, MP3, etc), -make sure that all your files are consolidated. (This means that they are the same length and match one another).

To make an appointment, visit True Shine Studios.

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