Community Initiatives

A recognized industry leader for its community initiatives, True Shine Entertainment understands the importance of bringing communities together and building healthy and whole communities. True Shine actively supports the annual Juneteenth Celebration in Portland to promote cultural awareness. In addition, True Shine Entertainment is closely allied with the Sickle Cell foundation and strives to spread sickle cell awareness. True Shine magazine covers urban events in Portland that directly affect the neighborhood as well as health issues that relate to our consumers. As an urban brand, True Shine supports all endeavors to stop gang violence and promote safety in our schools, homes, and communities. Since 2009, True Shine Entertainment has contributed 5% of all gross profits to the Oregon Food Bank, and 10% of all concert proceeds to the Sickle Cell Warriors charity organization.

The True Shine Foundation is in service to great ideas and open to fiscal opportunities relating to community health and development. Please contact us for more info on how to apply for a grant or scholarship.

True Shine Entertainment is currently engaged in:
–sickle cell advocacy and awareness programs
–community lifestyle initiative
–career development and assistance to aspiring musicians, writers and artists
–educational scholarship to aspiring students in developing African countries

To learn more about these opportunities, send an email to

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