Classes are open to youth and adults of interested in learning about any element of the music production industry. Note: All classes have a 4 student limit, as we offer personalized attention to our students. Our class instructor, Isaac, has several years of tutoring students of all ages in the school setting, and is able to apply that same level of instruction, patience and professionalism. Students that complete the class will receive a certificate of training from True Shine Studios.

True Shine Producer/Songwriter/Engineer Isaac Weiss offers several level of training in audio engineering and production. Classes include:

Pro-Tools 101:

Learn everything you need to get started recording a song. You will learn how to record, basic mixing and bouncing. [This is a weekend course and requires two 3 hour days to pass]. Cost: $150 per person for the entire weekend

Hip-Hop Production 101:

This course is a lot of fun but requires a great deal of concentration as you will be learning how to use new equipment and involved recording techniques. This is a must-take for aspiring producers who would like an inside look at the production process. [This is a one day course and requires one 3 hour day to pass] Cost: $75 per person for the entire weekend.

Intermediate Recording:

This class will challenge most novice musicians and demonstrate more involved techniques of recording, mixing, microphone setup, and use of production equipment. We will be working with Pro-Tools 7.4 and Wavelab 5.0 to record, mix and enhance audio recordings. [This is a two day course and will require two 2 hour days to pass] Cost: $100 per person for the entire weekend.

Hip-Hop MC’ing 101:

This course will instruct students, ranging from experienced to novices, how to develop their unique rap style and deliver a memorable performance every time they step to the mic! We will work on techniques of writing, concept development, on and on off-stage delivery and studio skills. [This is a two day course and will require one 4 hour day to pass]

Cost: $100 per person for the full session.

Introduction to mastering:

We will be exploring the mastering process, both theoretically and practically. After going over the basic principles and objectives of mastering, we will get a little bit of hands-on experience and try to master several tracks using very sophisticated plug-ins.

How to start a recording studio:

We will discuss the basic hardware and software needed in a home studio setup and learn how to start your own home based music studio. Home recording studio design is also explored. This includes but is not limited to rock recording studio, blues recording studio, jazz recording studio, acoustic recording studio or just a music recording studio.

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